Developed Design + Planning Applications

You may need to apply to the Local Authority for planning permission if the work you wish to carry out falls outside of permitted development.

We can advise on whether your project will require a planning application. If it does, we can also confirm whether you will need to appoint any other consultants to support the application.

Developing the Design for a Planning Application

This work stage covers Stage 3 in the RIBA Plan of Work. Once a sketch design has been agreed, we’ll take the initial sketches that will have been produced during the development of your brief and refine the proposals into a full set of developed design drawings. The sketch design drawings will have established the broad layout of spaces, and overall style of elevation and material choices. Now it’s time to refine those ideas and ‘go firm’ on the design in terms of layout, materials and position and size of windows etc.

We’ll go through room by room to make sure that all the spaces are sized and laid out just how you want them, and that we achieve the right balance of connectivity and privacy between the various spaces. As the plan layouts are refined, we’ll go back over the elevations to make sure that we’re all happy with the final look of the building.

It’s always exciting as the design starts to come together, but it’s important to not rush through the developed design process. Spending the time to ensure that the design is refined properly at this stage is so important. Taking the time to get it right now will avoid having to go back later and adjust the design, either for a revised planning application or as a series of potentially costly site work variations.

We’ll never rush you through this process and will happily sit around the table scribbling over plans and elevations as many times as is needed to make sure you’re fully happy with the final design.

Supporting Documents for a Planning Application

We’ll have established whether the work requires planning permission during the brief development and sketch design work stages. As well as advising you on whether the proposed work requires planning permission, we’ll also advise you on the need to appoint any other consultants to support the application. Depending on the nature of the project and the complexity of the site, the following work by other consultants may be required.

  • Ground percolation test
  • Drainage design
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Landscape Visual Impact Assessment
  • Ecological and Protected Species Survey
  • Land Contamination Report
  • 3D computer generated imagery
  • Highway access design

Having coordinated the various supporting reports and statements, we will produce all the required drawings and submit the planning application on your behalf.

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