Production Information + Written Specifications

Are you looking for increased cost certainty compared to a standard building regs pack?

A written specification and a set of production information drawings will provide an increased level of cost certainty over and above a typical building regulations pack. This is especially important for larger or more complex works, but also brings benefits to smaller projects where increased cost certainty is important.

Additional Drawings over and above a Building Regulations Pack

For small or simple works, you may decide that a standard building regs package is sufficient for your contractor to work from. However, for larger or more complex projects, or if you are planning to go out to competitive tender then the having a more substantial pack of production information and a written specification is essential.

We’ll produce additional drawings to accompany the building regulations drawings that will help the contractor provide a more accurate price for the works. The exact drawings will vary from project to project but typically include.

  • Electrical and Lighting Layouts
  • External works drawing(s)
  • Bathroom layouts – plans and elevations
  • Built in shelving or other furniture
  • Internal door schedules
  • External door and window schedules
  • Construction details of typical element interfaces (e.g. wall / floor junctions)

A Written Schedule of Work

The production information drawings will be accompanied by a written specification and a comprehensive Schedule of Work. This specification document details the expectations in relation to workmanship standards and the use of materials. The Schedule of Work breaks the project down into its primary work elements, and then into individual items and finishes. This lets the Contractor put prices against all the individual elements in the building leading to a more accurate contract price. It also gives a far more detailed breakdown of how the overall costs are calculated.


To produce the detailed drawings and Schedule of Work, we’ll ask you to make a lot of decisions about how you want the building finished. Don’t be alarmed though, this doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind later. In fact, having a comprehensive Schedule of Work means that it’s less complicated to manage any variations during the build. We’ll be honest here though, the best way to manage costs is to take your time making decisions in the first place so you don’t have to make variations. As a result, you won’t be surprised to hear that we don’t rush you through this process.

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