Detailed Design + Building Regulations

Once planning permission is secured, the next stage in the process is to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations.

Our detailed building regulations drawings and the associated construction notes will demonstrate compliance with current building regulations. They also include additional details on setting out and the chosen construction strategy, providing your contractor with the additional details they need over and above a set of planning drawings. This work stage reflects Stage 4 in the RIBA Plan of Work, and typically culminates in the submission of a full plans Building Regulations Application.

Detailed Design

The Detailed Design phase of a project builds on the Developed Design work typically undertaken in the run up to a planning application. By this point the size and layout of the spaces will have been agreed, and the elevations will have been fully refined. What we do now is to start articulating how the building will be constructed. Depending on the project, we’ll be liaising with other consultants such as engineers and energy assessors to make sure that all the structural elements are professionally designed and sized, and the correct levels of insulation are included. We’ll discuss your preferred construction methods (i.e. traditional block or timber frame) and how the various building elements interact with one another.

Demonstrating Building Regulations Compliance

Once planning permission is secured, the next stage in the process is to make sure you achieve building regulations compliance. It is the responsibility of the building owner, designer, and contractor to ensure that the work they carried out complies with building regulations. A set of building regulations drawings will prove compliance of the design and give the contractor the right information to work from on site.

Provided the work is carried out in accordance with the approved drawings, you can be confident that your project will comply with current regulations. A set of building regulations drawings will typically include general arrangement plans, elevations and cross sections drawn at a scale of 1:50, making them clear and easy to read. This larger scale allows us to include far more information than a basic set of planning drawings. The drawings will be annotated with relevant information and instructions and be accompanied by a booklet of typical building regs compliance notes. As well as describing the construction of the various elements, the pack will also include dimensioned drawings so that the works can be set out correctly on site.

For smaller works and simple extensions, a set of building regulations drawings may be sufficient for a contractor to price and execute the works. However, for larger and more complex projects, it is likely that more detail will be required to provide increased cost certainty. In these circumstances we would recommend that we produce additional construction information such as bathroom and electrical layouts, detail drawings and a written schedule of work.

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