A Full Range of Architects Services

Let us help you to bring your dream home to life with a full range of architects’ services from initial sketch design through to on-site inspection and contract administration.

We offer a wide range of architects’ services based on the RIBA Plan of Work, which will suit construction projects of all sizes and procurement routes. We understand that every project is unique, and so we tailor our packages to suit each new brief. Not all our clients will need, or want, a traditional ‘full service’ Architect, so the scope of services can be expanded or scaled back as needed to include the required level of support.

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Brief Development + Sketch Design

Developing a client’s brief is the first stage in any project; it doesn’t matter whether it’s a modest extension or a large-scale residential development. This process will vary from project to project and client to client, but always evolves as a discussion about aspirations, aesthetic preferences and how people will occupy the finished spaces.

Master planning and feasibility studies by South Devon Architects Andrew Lethbridge Associates

Feasibility Studies + Master Planning

Feasibility studies and master planning exercises explore the development potential of a site by analysing its constraints and opportunities. In some cases, they will form the basis of detailed design work for immediate progression towards a planning application. In other scenarios, they may be presented as stand-alone documents to inform future development plans.

Planning Applications by South Devon Architects Andrew Lethbridge Associates

You may need to apply to the local authority for planning permission if the work you wish to carry out falls outside of permitted development. We can advise on whether your project will require planning permission and confirm whether you will need to appoint any other consultants to support the application. We’ll refine the initial sketch design ideas into suitably detailed drawings, coordinate with the other consultants and submit the planning application on your behalf.

Building Regulations drawings by South Devon Architects Andrew Lethbridge Associates

Once planning permission is secured, the next stage in the process is to obtain Building Regulations approval. We’ll produce detailed drawings and construction notes to demonstrate the chosen construction strategy and demonstrate compliance with current Building Regulations. During this stage in the process we’ll work closely with other consultants such as your Structural Engineer in order to properly co-ordinate all of their information into the drawing package.

South Devon Architects Andrew Lethbridge Associates produce detailed drawings and written specifications

A written specification and a set of additional detailed drawings will provide an increased level of cost certainty over and above a typical Building Regulations pack. This is especially important for larger or more complex works, but also brings benefits to smaller projects where increased cost certainty is important. Additional drawings may include electrical and bathroom layouts, and the written Schedule of Work will include references to finishes, provisional sum allowances and external works as well as describing the main ‘building elements’.

Interior Design by South Devon Architects Andrew Lethbridge Associates

In some cases, a project may not require planning permission or the production of technical Building Regulations drawings. Perhaps you’re looking to carry out some internal alterations or renovations without significant structural works, or are you looking to simply breathe new life into your existing spaces? With our interior design services, you get the benefit of our spatial design and specification skills, and the increased cost certainty that comes with an appropriate set of drawings and schedules.

going out to tender andrew lethbridge associates south devon architects

So, we have your Building Regulations approval, a complete set of detailed drawings and a written specification; now it’s time to get the work priced. Sometimes our clients will choose to negotiate a contract price with a preferred builder, but often they’ll prefer to have the project competitively priced by a selection of contractors. We will prepare a list of suitable main contractors and guide you through the pricing and subsequent contractual procedures. We make sure the tendering process is managed properly so that you can reliably compare the prices returned.

Contract Administration and Site Inspection by South Devon Architects Andrew Lethbridge Associates

Once your project is on site, we offer a range of contract administration and site inspection services. The level of support required will vary from project to project and will often be governed by whether you have appointed a Quantity Surveyor or Project Manager as part of the team. We will visit site regularly to check on progress and that the work is being carried out in accordance with the drawings, providing design and technical support as needed. We can also administer the contract between yourself and the contractor, certifying payments and fulfilling other contractual duties.