Soar Mill Cove Hotel

New Accommodation and Leisure Facilities

New Accommodation Suites and Leisure Facilities at the Soar Mill Cove Hotel

The Soar Mill Cove Hotel approached the practice with a plan to secure planning permission for the expansion of their leisure facilities and the construction of 5 new self catering ‘coastal suites’. The master plan included an expansion and revitalization of the existing swimming pool and changing areas, the construction of new staff accommodation to the rear of the hotel and the construction of the five new self catering family suites.

The new suites at the Soar Mill Cove Hotel are located to the front of the existing hotel building, taking advantage of the views down the valley to the sea beyond. The sloping site allowed the new buildings to be installed at a lower level than the existing hotel building, so the views from the existing bedrooms, restaurant and terrace areas are not compromised. Maintaining the existing sea views from the main hotel and terrace areas was a key part of the practices brief from our clients.

Along with preserving the views down the valley, another key design consideration was to assimilate the new buildings into the wonderful landscape. Making the new buildings as visually unobtrusive as possible not only mitigated any impact on the existing hotel rooms, facilities and views; it was an important factor in securing planning permission within the protected landscape. The new buildings were designed to be dug into the sloping site and their flat roofs are planted with sedum and grasses. To the seaward elevation, the walls were finished in local natural stone. The combination of stone walls, grass roofs and considered landscaping around the buildings successfully assimilates them into the landscape. The practice worked with local landscape architects Eden Design to ensure the landscaping concept was successfully developed and presented to the planning department.