Interior Design + Re-ordering

Are you looking to carry out some internal alterations without significant structural works, or just looking to breathe new life into your existing spaces? 

In some cases, a project may not require planning permission or the production of technical building regulations drawings. With our interior design services, you get the benefit of our spatial design and specification skills, and the increased cost certainty that comes with an appropriate set of drawings and schedules.

What do your interior design services include?

If your project doesn’t require planning permission or building regulations approval, it may not be immediately obvious what benefits an architect can bring to the table. The interior design services we offer range from advice on replacing a tired kitchen or bathroom, through to a complete re-ordering of your home. We may not have to make any formal applications, but a comprehensive set of drawings are still incredibly valuable. We will start by talking about what you want to achieve and arranging for the spaces to be measured up. Once the measurements are completed, we’ll produce a series of sketches and a mood board. The drawings will explore different layout options, and the images on the board help to focus on the style you are looking for.

Once the layout of the spaces is agreed, we’ll produce a detailed set of drawings illustrating the proposed works. The drawings will vary from project to project, but typically follow show the following.

  • Where existing walls and openings are to be adjusted or removed.
  • Adjusted door positions or opening directions
  • Location of bathroom fittings, and how the new waste runs will connect to your existing drainage.
  • Areas of different flooring finishes.
  • Areas of wall tiling, timber cladding boards and dado rails.
  • Changes to staircases
  • Insulation, damp proofing, or other wall upgrades
  • Localised repairs
  • Built in furniture such as shelving, wardrobes, or window seats
  • Electrical layouts for lighting, switches, and socket positions
  • Dimensions for setting out new elements
  • References to clauses within the schedule of work

We also produce a Schedule of Work

The drawings will be accompanied by a written schedule of work to complete the comprehensive set of documents. The schedule of work lists all the individual work elements to be completed, organised by category. It’s possible to include more detail in a written schedule than can be shown on the drawings. The schedule of work will also include specifications for flooring, tiles, slabs, and other finishing items. These will either be included either as actual product references, or as provisional sums. Provisional sums can be useful if you’ve not yet decided on some of your finishes, as they allow the work to be priced and started while you finish deciding. However, it is important that we include realistic figures so that the actual cost of finishes doesn’t go over budget.

What are the benefits?

Having a set of detailed drawings and a written schedule of work will ensure that you’re able to get an accurate price for the works. Without a detailed set of drawings and written schedules, it is difficult for two or more contractors to price the works ‘like for like’. It is also more likely that elements of the work will be left out or misinterpreted in the prices that are returned. Having a proper set of documents therefore provides increased cost certainty right from the start of the project.

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