Feasibility Studies + Master Planning

We undertake feasibility studies and master planning exercises for larger residential and commercial projects.

These studies explore the development potential of a site by analysing its constraints and opportunities. Master planning exercises can be useful in several ways. In some cases, they will form the basis of detailed design work for immediate progression towards a planning application. In other scenarios, they may be presented as stand-alone documents to inform future development plans.

How do Feasibility Studies Work?

Feasibility studies and master planning exercises play a key role in the initial design stages of larger residential, mixed use and commercial projects. We start this process by analysing the constraints and opportunities of the site. We do this through a detailed study of the site’s context, both natural as well as the man-made surroundings. Our contextual analysis will examine the scale, massing, and architectural styles of surrounding buildings, as well as landscape features, orientation, transport connections and public spaces. The results of this study are typically presented as a series of diagrams and photographs, which will inform the initial sketch proposals and may be included in any final presentation material.

Having carried out the contextual analysis and worked with you to refine your brief, we will begin to mass up buildings on the site and provide feedback about potential scale, density, and layout options. We will examine how different plot sizes, house types and other factors will influence the sites potential layout, density, and character.

A Multidisciplinary Exercise

We will usually carry out master planning exercises as part of a multi-disciplinary team of professional consultants. As soon as initial design sketches start coming together, it’s important that the right people are involved in the process to ensure that the appropriate allowances are included for access, drainage, ecological and landscape requirements. Depending on the site and the type of development, the team might include.

  • Consulting Engineers
  • Planning Consultants
  • Landscape Architects
  • Ecologists
  • Land agents

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